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Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Pre-Settlement Building Inspections

Strata 10-year Maintenance Plans

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Why do WA Buyers, Owners & Investors of Apartments need a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report? Purchasing a new strata apartment or unit is a major decision. Rarely can you get a good understanding of what is happening within the apartment and complex if you have purchased 'off-the-plan' or during one or two visits at home opens or private viewings. It can be very beneficial when you buy your new apartment to obtain an independent building inspection from a Registered Building Practitioner with at least 18 years construction experience.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections can be undertaken on strata units and apartments in a similar way to that of pre- purchase inspections on individual titled homes. It is important to understand when buying a new apartment or unit, be it as a home or investment property, that generally you will be responsible for the building’s interior, so it is important that you are aware of what condition it is really in.

Important Due Diligence Information when Purchasing an Apartment or Strata Lot?

When purchasing a strata apartment/lot it is critically important to undertake a thorough due diligence on both the Strata Plan and the Strata Company AGM/EGM minutes. The Strata Plan defines the boundaries of exactly what you are buying as well as the all-important By-Laws which govern the complex. The past Minutes of the Strata Company meetings (AGM/EGM) can also provide critically important information about the complex as a whole. Examining both of these documents is a core component of any purchase decision as you must understand that you are not only purchasing the unit/Lot but also a share in the Strata Company and hence a share in the opportunities and challenges this may present. Examining the Strata Plan and past minutes is outside of the scope of the building inspection.

What’s covered in the Apartment Pre-Purchase Inspection?

The private areas of the apartment to be inspected can include:

  • Walls, ceilings, flooring

  • Balconies, storerooms and allocated car bays/carports

  • Doors and frames, internal (external where possible)

  • Windows and frames, internal (external where possible)

  • Patios, balconies, stairs and balustrade

  • Cabinets and joinery

  • Bathrooms incl. damp probing

  • Common strata property within the building (if applicable)


  • Electrical safety overview

  • Insight into repairs and maintenance issues within the strata property.

We also provide Pre-Settlement Inspections and Strata Complex 10-year-Maintenance Plans.

Pre-Settlement Building Inspections, also known as Practical Completion Inspections are undertaken in accordance with AS-4349.0 Inspection of buildings and WA Standards and Tolerances including:

  • Incomplete works

  • Substandard or defective works

  • Safety hazard

  • General observations

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