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Why do WA Buyers, Owners & Investors require a Heritage Building Inspection Report?

Purchasing an older building, home or property is a major decision. Rarely can you get a good understanding of what is happening within the structure during one or two visits or viewings. It can be very beneficial when you buy the building to obtain an independent building inspection from a Registered Building Practitioner with at least 18 years construction experience and a keen understanding of our local WA history.


It is important to acknowledge when buying older homes or heritage listed buildings, be it as a home or investment, that generally you will be responsible for the building overall, so it is important that you are aware of what condition it is really in and how it has aged over time. 

At Superstruct, we not only understand how building materials age and perform over time, we also have a specific interest in the preservation of WA's historic buildings, including those aged from 90-190 years old. Our specialised work has seen us inspect some of WA oldest buildings, dating back to colonial days, circa 1830-1850. We understand that these sensitive buildings require applied knowledge completed by inspectors with a high level of experience in the field, including building methods and material performance, coupled by a keen understanding of WA's history and geography through applied science in the built environment.


With a client orientated focus, Superstruct Building Surveyors are the preferred choice to complete Heritage Building Inspections throughout Perth, Fremantle and Western Australia. 

Examples of Australian Heritage Building Styles Include:

> Colonial 1830-1850 (WA)

> Georgian 1850-1870

> Victorian & Edwardian 1870-1890

> Federation style 1900-1918

> Inter-war homes 1918-1940 (i.e. fibro cottages)

> Califorian bungalows 1920-1940

> Country homesteads and stations 1850-1940

> State listed/Government buildings

What’s covered in the Heritage Building Inspection?

Our heritage building inspector brings a depth of expertise in heritage building management includingconstruction methods, architecture, archaeology, cultural studies, colonialisation and settlement and material science. 


In accordance with AS4349 we will subjectively inspect and assess the following readily accessible internal and external areas of the building:

  • Structural roof frame

  • Roof cover incl. battens 

  • Subfloor frame incl. footings/foundations

  • Walls, ceilings & flooring

  • Patios, balconies, sheds, outbuildings, storerooms and carports

  • Retaining walls

  • Doors and windows incl. sache

  • Brickwork incl. mortar joints

  • Heritage holdings and trim

  • Internal and external staircases and balustrade

  • Bathrooms and associated wet areas

  • Plumbing and electrical safety incl. RCD's & smoke detectors

  • General building condition incl. repairs and maintenance issues specific to heritage buildings

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