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Pool & Spa
Certification WA

Superstruct Building Surveyors provides prompt and cost effective building certification for swimming pool and spa's in Perth, Fremantle and throughout Western Australia.


Our aim is to ensure all swimming pool's and spa's are built and installed in accordance with the performance requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC) and AS-1926 Safety barriers for swimming pools.

- Building certification services we provide -

  • BA3-Certificate of Design Compliance for swimming pool and spa building permit applications. 

  • Mandatory compliance inspections and certification.

Minimum Requirements of AS-1926.1 Australian Pool/Spa Safety Standard

Swimming Pool Safety: Safety barriers for swimming pools

Pool/spa isolation barriers must meet the minimum requirements set out in the relevant Australian Standard (AS1926.1).

Your barrier must meet but is not limited to the following:

  • Restrict access to the pool or spa by a young child from outside the property through the installation and maintenance of a suitable barrier. Minimally these barriers include boundary fences and gates;

  • Install a suitable barrier that separates the pool/spa from any habitable buildings that are on the same property, however, the wall of a building may form part of the barrier;

  • Not include as part of the barrier any wall that contains a door unless this door is permanently sealed using a device other than a key locking mechanism;

  • Ensure that the windows opening into the pool/spa have fixed security screens or alternatively, have restricted openings (maximum opening is 100mm). The restriction must be a device other than a key locking mechanism;

  • Fencing forming part of the isolation barrier must be a minimum 1200mm high and maintain a minimum 900mm non-climbable zone;

  • A boundary fence that forms part of the pool barrier:

- Must be at least 1800mm high when measured from the finished ground surface

on the pool area side

  • Gates that form part of the barrier must open away from the pool and must:

−  Self-close

−  Self-latch

−  Latch at 1500mm high (or gate alternative)

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