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Commercial Building Inspections Perth

Building Inspector Perth-BCWA-PrePurchase

Why do WA Commercial Property Buyers & Investors need a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection? As an investor or business owner, you know the importance of completing a thorough due diligence prior to making important investment decisions. Buying a commercial property is no different. Having a pre-purchase commercial building inspection undertaken is one of those important due diligence decisions. The inspection is designed to identify major structural defects, significant non-structural defects and maintenance items which are likely to fall due within the first 12 months of ownership.

What are the benefits of a Pre-Purchase Inspection? Understanding the condition of the property and the required remedial work or maintenance needs will enable the buyer to progress with their property purchase with greater understanding of the property ownership journey ahead. If you have any queries or particular concerns about the property under consideration, simply let us know and we can instruct the building inspector to address these issues specifically during your inspection.

What’s covered in the Commercial Pre-Purchase Inspection? Completed in accordance with Australian Standard AS-4349 and WA Standards and Tolerances, a Superstruct Commercial Building Inspection is a comprehensive inspection of the readily accessible internal and external building components (and services). It describes existing conditions and identifies likely structural and non-structural defects, possible building compliance issues and major maintenance requirements that may fall due for repair or replacement in the first 12 months.


The areas of the property to be inspected can include:

  • Roof cover and accessible roof plumbing (inclusive of high rise roofs utilising commercial drones where required)

  • Structural roof framing

  • External walls, fencing, boundary walls, stairs and balustrades

  • Carparks, carports, basement car parking, ramps etc.

  • Internal walls, ceilings, floors, stairwells, foyers

  • Building facilities incl. gym, meeting areas, kitchens, theatres, meeting rooms, walkways, print areas etc.)


Given our inspectors are building practitioners and not mechanics, electricians, plumbers or security consultants certain items need to be excluded from our inspections:

  • Lifts and escalators 

  • HVAC, plant and equipment incl. testing of fire fighting equipment and pool equipment

  • Access control including security systems, intercom and electronic gates

  • Hot water equipment including solar panels and photovoltaic panels

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