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Project Management.

At Superstruct our expert knowledge stems from over 18 years of industry experience and continued professional development.

We work together with private customers and public/government organisations in the conception, procurement and delivery of a wide range of residential and commercial building projects throughout the Perth metropolitan area and across regional WA.


Building Approvals & Permits | Construction Inspections | Defects | Site Management | Clerk of Works

Forward Planning.
Inspect and assess to ascertain scope of works. Sub-contractor and trade liaison. Review - Engage - Expedite.

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Document Control, Design Certification & Building Approvals.
Drafting and detailing, energy efficiency reports, bushfire attack level (BAL) assessments and building certification; ready for building permit applications. We can manage the entire building approvals process on your behalf, while saving you time and money.

Scheduling & Estimating.
Provide work estimates and quotations. Client/strata manager/council of owners interface. Manage sub-contractors and trades.  

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Site Supervision, Clerk of Works & Quality Assurance.
Manage time, cost and quality. 
Construction management. Sub-contractor interface. Client/strata manager/council of owners/occupant interface. Quality control. Progress inspections and reporting.

Project Delivery, Defects & Handover Management.
Practical completion inspections. Snagging/punch-listing. Defects management and supervision. Builders defect liability warranty inspections. Pre-occupancy inspections and building certification.
(BA17 for BA9 applications)

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Your Built Environment Expert.  
WA Project Management Services

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